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Blood DNA Kits

HiMedia offer Solution Based Kits which are designed for high-yield and high-quality isolation of genomic DNA from wide variety of starting materials including whole bloods, cultured cells, animal tissues, plant tissues, yeast, and bacteria. This solution based system is simple and allows easy scale-up and minimizes the DNA fragmentation. DNA purified with this kit is suitable for a variety of applications, including PCR amplification, digestion with restriction endonucleases and membrane hybridizations.
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DNA-XPress™ Reagent


HiPurA™ 96 Blood Genomic DNA Purification Kit


HiPurA™ Blood Genomic DNA Maxiprep Purification Kit


HiPurA™ Blood Genomic DNA Midiprep Purification Kit


HiPurA™ Blood Genomic DNA Miniprep Purification Kit


HiPurA™ SPP Blood DNA Isolation Kit

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