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Thin Layer Chromatography Teaching Kit

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Chromatography is the process through which biomolecules are separated and analyzed from a complex mixture. This separation process consists of two phases: a stationary phase and a mobile phase. The mobile phase consists of the mixture to be separated which percolates through the stationary phase. These two phases can be solid-liquid, liquid-liquid or gas-liquid.
Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) is a solid-liquid form of chromatography where the stationary phase is a polar absorbent and the mobile phase can be a single solvent or combination of solvents.
Used For
Thin Layer Chromatography Teaching Kit facilitates the separation of different amino acids from a given mixture on a thin, uniform layer of silica gel coated onto a plate and subsequent determination of the Rf values.
Contents: Amino acid Samples (Arginine, Glutamine, Valine etc.), Test Sample, TLC Plates, Developing Reagent, TLC Solvent
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