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Lymphocyte Separation Media

In order to study lymphocytes (present in blood, peritoneal exudates or lymphoid organs mixed with other cells) they have to be isolated so that their behavior can be analyzed in vitro. HiSEP™ LSM 1077 offered by HiMedia is based on the adapted method of isolating lymphocytes using centrifugation techniques by boyum in which diluted defibrinated blood is layered on a solution of sodium diatrizoate and polysucrose and centrifuged at a low speed for 30 minutes. This medium offers a quick and reliable method for the simple isolation of human mononuclear cells and lymphocytes from defibrinated EDTA or heparin-treated human blood. It is certified for in vitro diagnostic (IVD) use. The method is applicable for studying cell-mediated lympholysis and for human lymphocyte antigen (HLA) typing. It may also be employed as the initial step prior to enumeration of T-, B- and “null” lymphocytes.
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HiSep™ LSM 1073


HiSep™ LSM 1077


HiSep™ LSM 1084

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