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RPMI- 1640
w/ 25mM HEPES buffer and Sodium pyruvate
w/o L-Glutamine and Sodium bicarbonate

Packings :
AT157A-10X1L | AT157A-20L |
AT157A-1L | AT157A-5L
Roswell Park Memorial Institute (RPMI) media are a series of media developed by Moore et al for the culture of human normal and neoplastic cells in vitro. RPMI 1640 is the most commonly used medium in the series. A modification of McCoy’s 5A medium, the medium was specifically designed to support the growth of human lymphoblastoid cells in suspension culture. Presently the medium is extensively used for a wide range of anchorage dependant cell lines. The medium needs to be supplemented with 5-20% fetal bovine serum. The medium is also known to support growth of cells in the absence of serum.
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