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Basal Medium Eagle (BME)
w/ Hank’s salts and L-Glutamine
w/o Sodium bicarbonate

Packings :
AT002-10X1L | AT002-20L |
AT002-1L | AT002-5L
Basal Medium developed by Harry Eagle is a combination of essential nutrients in appropriate concentrations for monolayer cultivation of a wide variety of normal and transformed cells. The medium was initially developed as a result of studies to determine the nutritional requirements of Hela cells and mouse fibroblast L cells in culture. Although there are many versions of basal medium described by Eagle, the name ‘Basal Medium, Eagle’ applies to only the formulation developed for HeLa cells. Basal medium eagle when properly supplemented supports growth of variety of diploid or primary mammalian cell cultures. Modifications to the original BME have resulted in other media, including MEM and DMEM.
Storage2- 8°C
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