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Cell Culture Consumables

Cell Culture Consumables


Cryogenic Storage


Freezing Tubes


Culture Vessels

4-well Culture Plates

5-Layer Cell Culture Flask

Coverglass Bottom Dish

Erlenmeyer Flasks


Insect Breeding Dishes

IVF Culture Dish


Filtration Aids

Blotting Membranes

Filter Holders

Filtration Membranes

Glass Fibre Pre-filters & Filter Papers

SS Sterility Test Manifold System

Syringe-driven Filters

Vacuum-driven Filters


Liquid Handling

Auto HiPette™

Centrifuge Tubes, Premium Grade

Conical Centrifuge Tube

Flip-cap Centrifuge Tubes

Serological Mini-pipettes

Serological Pipettes, Bulk Packed

Serological Pipettes, Individually Packed



Cell Culture Chamber Slides

Cell Culture Inserts

Cell Lifter, Premium Grade

Cell Scraper

Cell Strainer


Microtube Rack


Solution Storage

PET Bottle

Polycarbonate Bottle

Solution Bottles

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