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Plant Culture Tested Chemicals

Plant Culture Tested Chemicals

The chemicals used within a plant tissue culture, supply the mineral, nutrient and chemical conditions needed for plant growth. These chemicals are specifically developed for the growth of plant tissue in in vitro. At HiMedia we offer various components of plant tissue culture media which have been recommended only for Plant Science. These chemicals have been bioassay with the various plant systems depending on the objectives. The complete range of plant culture chemicals provided by HiMedia, is tested analytically as well as with additional performance testing, in order to verify their suitability in the specified applications.


Antibiotics, Antifungal



Amino Acids

General Chemicals

Organic Acids

Organic Supplements



Carbohydrates (carbon source)


Chromogenic Substrates




Dyes, Indicators and Stains




Gelling Agent


Miscellaneous Chemicals


Plant Growth Regulators



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