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Cell Dissociation Reagents

Cell Dissociation Reagents

Adherent cells are most commonly dissociated from the culture substrate by treatment with trypsin or trypsin-EDTA. HiMedia offers trypsin and trypsin-EDTA solutions in a variety of combinations and concentrations for the convenience of users. Zymefree™ is a non enzymatic formulation which can be used for gentle removal of cells. Accutase™ is a cell dissociation reagent which combines proteolytic and collagenolytic activities and can be used in detaching cells for analysis of cell surface markers, virus growth assay, flow cytometry and bioreactor scale-up.



Collagenase Solutions


Dispase Solution






Trypsin 0.05% Solution


Trypsin 0.1% Solution


Trypsin 0.25% Solution


Trypsin 2.5% Solution


Trypsin Phosphate Versene Glucose Solution


Trypsin-EDTA Solution


Versene (EDTA) Solution


ZymeFree™ Enzyme Free Cell Dissociation Reagent

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