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Media Supplements

Media Supplements

Antimicrobial or chemicals are added to culture media to make them selective for the isolation of desired or important microorganisms. The percentage or concentration of these antimicrobial supplements (generally antibiotic mixtures) is based on the published papers of the scientists who have tested many strains of the selected organisms regarding the MIC values of those strains. There is every possibility that strains across the world may have different MIC values. HiMedia supplies a wide range of media supplements which are presented in packs of vials and contents of each vial are specified under respective supplement.

Antibiotics Mixtures


Chromogenic Supplements


Coagulase Plasma


Diagnostic Purpose


Egg Yolk Supplements


Enrichment Supplements


Enzymatic Activity Detection


Haemoglobin Powder


Horse Serum


Identification and Growth









Mycobacteria Selective Growth


Rabbit serum


Selective Growth


Selective Inhibitory


Sputum Sample Processing


Sterile Enrichments


Supplements with Tellurite


Vitamin & Growth

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