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Cell Culture Tested Chemicals

Cell Culture Tested Chemicals

HiMedia is the only Indian company to offer Cell Culture Grade tested chemicals, which are validated at our in house facility in Mumbai. HiMedia offers a comprehensive range of chemicals and speciality biochemicals used in cell culture. These chemicals apart from the analytical testing undergo additional cell culture test to verify their suitability in a cell culture application. We have a quality commitment to all these sophisticated users.

Amino Acids



Anticancer Antibiotics

Contamination Control Antibiotics

Cytotoxic Anticancer Antibiotics

Gene Selection Antibiotics


Attachment Factors


Biochemicals and Components


Biological Buffers


BP Compliant Chemicals




Carrier Proteins


Cell Dissociation Products


Cell Proliferation and Cytotoxicity Indicators




Cytokines & Growth Factors


Differentiation reagents




EP Compliant Chemicals


Fatty Acids


Hormone & Hormone Alternatives




Multicompendial Chemicals


Nucleotides & Nucleosides


Stains and Indicator Dyes


USP Compliant Chemicals



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