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Molecular Biology

Molecular Biology

Molecular biologys classical period began in 1953, with James Watson and Francis Cricks discovery of the double helical structure of DNA. After knowing the structure of DNA, molecular biologists started their scientific journey to find out the mechanisms of genetic replication and role of genes in heredity. Advances in molecular biology are transforming all areas of medical practice and going to become a predominant paradigm of medical science. To be an integral part of this era, HiMedia established its Molecular Biology Department with a focus to develop world-class quality products related to basic and clinical research at an affordable price for the scientists.

Buffers and Reagents

DNA Ladders

General Buffers

Nucleic Acid Electrophoresis

Pre-Poured™ Agarose Gels

Southern / Northern Blotting Reagents


Cloning Reagent

Competent Cells

Modifying Enzymes

Restriction Enzymes


DNA/RNA Automated Extraction Kits


Forensic Applications


Hematology Kits

Sickle Cell Detection Kits

Thalassemia Detection Kit


HiPer® Teaching Kits


Chromatography Teaching Kits



Molecular Biology

Protein Assay


InstaDNA™ Cards & Kits


Latex Agglutination Kits


Molecular Biology Chemicals


Molecular Biology Growth Media

Escherichia coli

S. Cerevisiae and S.Pombe


Molecular Biology(MB) Lab Supplies

MB Instruments

MB Lab Consumables


Molecular Diagnostics

Extraction and PCR combo kit

Food Pathogen / Adultration Kits

Forensic Kits

PCR and RT-PCR Reagents

Positive Controls For PCR

Real-Time PCR Kits

Semi-Quantitative PCR Kits


Nucleic Acid Magnetic Extraction System


Magnetic Bead based Extraction Kits


Nucleic Acid Purification Kit

DNA Isolation Kits

Reagents for DNA/RNA Isolation

RNA Isolation Kits


PCR Thermal Cyclers



ELISA Reagents

Protein Electrophoresis

Protein Estimation Reagents / Kits

Protein Ladders

Protein Purification & Crystallography

Western Blotting Reagents

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