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Media for Vibrio
The causal organism of marine food-borne infections and originating from estuarine habitats has got a variety of media for its isolation, identification and cultivation. HiMedia cater this purpose, by providing a range of media such as TCBS agar, Tryptone Sucrose Tetrazolium Agar Base and many other media.
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Product Description Technical Data MSDS Details
FD003 Polymyxin B Selective Supplement
FD057 TTC Solution 1% (10 ml per vial)
M1217 Tryptone Sucrose Tetrazolium Agar Base (TSTA)
M1218 High Salt Nutrient Agar
M1242 Tryptone Soya Salt Agar
w/ Magnesium Sulphate
M160 D.C.L.S. Agar
M189 TCBS Agar
M621 Glucose Salt Teepol Broth (Twin pack)
M662 VP Medium
M820 Vibrio Agar
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