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Media for Fungi
HiMedia offers media such as Dermatophyte Test Agar Base, Kimmig Fungi Agar base etc for the isolation and cultivation of Fungi.
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Product Description Technical Data MSDS Details
FD015 Dermato Supplement
FD095 10% Lactic acid solution ( 10 ml per vial )
FD111 Kimmig Selective Supplement (Twin Pack)
M063 Sabouraud Dextrose Agar
M094 Fungal Agar (Mycological Agar)
M1232 Kimmig Fungi Agar Base
M129 Wort Agar
M137 Malt Extract Agar Base (w/ Mycological Peptone)
(Complies as per ISO 17025:2005)
M146 Corn Meal Agar
M188 D.T.M. Agar Base (Dermatophyte Test Agar Base)
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