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Culture Media
Prevention of disease through vaccination is the preferred method for its control and to contribute to this cause, HiMedia has developed Culture Media for large scale cultivation of bacteria (aerobic and anaerobic) for the production of vaccine preparations. Media like H.S.Vaccine and B.Q.Vaccine along with other media are available in both versions, i.e. Animal based as well as Vegetable based peptone form.
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Product Description Technical Data MSDS Details
M093 Tryptose Phosphate Broth
M116 H.S. Vaccine Medium (Standard Nutrient Broth)
M462 B.Q.Vaccine Medium (Thioglycollate Broth
w/ Liver Extract)
M646 Charcoal Blood Agar Base
M794 Casein Hydrolysate Agar
w/ 2.5% Agar
M854 E.T. Medium
M877 Standard Nutrient Agar
M883 Meat Infusion Agar (Standard Infusion Agar)
MV093 Tryptose Phosphate Broth, HiVeg™
MV116 H.S. Vaccine HiVeg™ Medium
(Standard Nutrient HiVeg™ Broth)
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