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Petroleum industry
Petroleum industry
Petroleum Industries interest in terms of aspects of microbiological science and engineering includes, the role of microbes in petroleum formation, and the exploration, production, manufacturing, storage, and food synthesis from petroleum. Sulphate-reducing bacteria (SRB) are indigenous to the oil field and are known to cause severe operational problems which significantly increase operating costs problems throughout the petroleum industry. Therefore, timely and accurate SRB population determinations can significantly reduce operating costs and improve oil field safety. In order to serve the needs of Petroleum Industry, HiMedia offers a wide range of Media for safeguarding oil well operations and for differentiating various types of micro-organisms. Culture Media like Sulphate API Agar w/o Sodium Lactate, Sulphate API Broth w/o Sodium Lactate are widely used in these industries, for the SRB enumeration in the oil field waters.
For safeguarding oil well operations
Hydrocarbon Degrading Micoorganisms
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