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M009 Fluid Thioglycollate Medium (Thioglycollate Medium, Fluid)
M009B Fluid Thioglycollate Medium
M010 Alternative Thioglycollate Medium (NIH Thioglycollate Broth) (Thioglycollate Broth, Alternative)
M010G Alternative Thioglycollate Medium, Sterile Powder
M1003 Lactose Broth
M1003B Broth Medium D (Lactose Monohydrate Broth)
M1003S Lactose Broth
M1062 Dey-Engley Neutralizing Broth
M117 Fluid Casein Digest Soya Lecithin Medium (Twin Pack)
M244 Nutrient Broth
w/ 1% Peptone
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