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Antibiotics Assay medium
HiMedia offers a range of Antibiotic Assay Media which are recommended for determining the potency of antibiotic using microbiological assay technique. The potency of an antibiotic can be demonstrated under suitable conditions by its inhibitory effect on microorganisms. Antibiotic assays are performed by the cylinder plate method and the turbidimetric tube assay method. These Medias are prepared by HiMedia according to the specifications of the USP, EP, BP and Indian Pharmacopoeia.
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Product Description Technical Data MSDS Details
M003 Antibiotic Assay Medium No.1 (Seed Agar)
M003B Antibiotic Assay Medium A
M004 Antibiotic Assay Medium No.11 (Neomycin, Erythromycin Assay Agar) (Erythromycin Seed Agar)
M004B Antibiotic Assay Medium A
M005 Antibiotic Assay Medium No. 2 (Base Agar)
M006 Antibiotic Assay Medium No. 5 (Streptomycin Assay Agar
w/ Yeast extract)
M036 B12 Assay Medium (Using L. leichmannii)
M038 Folic Acid Assay Medium
M040 Niacin Assay Medium
M041 Antibiotic Assay Medium No. 8 (Base Agar
w/ low pH)
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