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Vitamin Assay medium
Vitamin Assay medium
HiMedia has a wide range of Vitamin Assay Media which are recommended for quantification of vitamins such as folic acid, niacin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B12 etc. Three categories of media available with HiMedia i.e. Inoculum preparation, Culture maintenance and Assay medium have compositions conforming to pharmacopeia specifications. Maintenance Media contains all necessary nutrients for preserving, maintaining and carrying the stock cultures. Inoculum Media contains nutrients for the propagation of culture prior to use. Assay Medias are intended to quantify vitamin concentrations in unknown, against known standard concentration, by using microbiological assay methods. By using recommended standard ATCC strains, the material under assay is determined by adding appropriate concentration of the test substance to the basal medium and comparing the growth response obtained with that of standard. It can be performed by either of these methods; turbidimetric method or cylinder plate method or cup plate method.
Assay Medium
Culture Maintenance
Inoculum Preparation
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