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For E.coli
The entire range of Growth Media for E.coli has been developed by HiMedia for various applications in the field of molecular and genetic studies. The ever increasing list of media includes extremely rich growth media for very high yield of bacteriophage lambda namely Super Growth Medium and Super Growth Agar. Moreover, several media are available for propagation of recombinant strains of E. coli, e.g. Luria Bertani, SOC, SOB etc. All these media are suitable for varying molecular biology applications like competent cells preparation, transformation and plasmid DNA amplification. Many of these media are also available in HiVeg#TM# form which is free from animal based tryptones.
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Product Description Technical Data MSDS Details
G001 Super Growth Medium
G002 Super Growth Agar
G003 Super Growth Top Agar
G004 Terrific Growth Medium
G005 L-Growth Medium
G006 L-Growth Agar
G007 L-Growth Top Agar
G008 LB Growth Medium
w/o Sodium Chloride
G009 LB Growth Top Agar
G010 Tryptone Growth Medium II
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