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Molecular Biology Growth Media
Molecular Biology Growth Media
HiMedia has an extensive range of dehydrated culture media for the maintenance and propagation of microorganisms for Molecular Biology. This range includes growth media for E. coli (Super Growth, LB, SOC, SOB, NZCYM, YT etc.), S. cerevisiae and S. pombe (YPD, SD, EMM etc.). HiMedia is the pioneer in developing HiVegTM Luria Broth which is free of animal based tryptones. All these media can be used for various molecular biology applications, e.g. plasmid maintenance, transformation etc. Moreover, Auto induction Media, a series of very specialized media, has been developed to simplify the process of protein purification for IPTG inducible expressions.
Auto Induction Media
For E.coli
For S.cerevisiae & S.pombe
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