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Microbes in Processing & Spoilage
Microbes in Processing & Spoilage
HiMedia offers a complete range of Culture Media, for the detection of microorganisms involved in the food processing & spoilage. Food spoilage can be defined as any sensory change in terms of tactile, visual and olfactory or flavor in the food, which is considered to be unacceptable by the consumer. Spoilage may occur at any stage along the food chain. Spoilage such as physical damage (during bruising, freezing, drying, etc), indigenous enzyme activity changes in the animal or plant tissue chemical (usually involving oxygen) etc can have adverse effect on the quality of the food. Therefore food spoilage is considered to be complex involving physical, chemical, biochemical and biological changes.
Acid Producing Microorganisms
Aciduric and Thermophilic Flat Sour Sporeformers
Halophilic Microorganisms
Lipolytic Microorganisms
Mesophilic Sporeforming (Aerobic)
Mesophilic Sporeforming (Anaerobic)
Osmophilic Microorganisms
Pectinolytic Microorganisms
Proteolytic Microorganisms
Psychrotrophic Microorganisms
Residual Analysis of Antimicrobial components
Sulphide Spoilage Sporeformers
Thermoduric Microorganisms
Thermophilic Flat Sour Sporeformers
Total Bacterial Count
Total Yeast and Mold Count
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