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Product Description Technical Data MSDS Details
FD048 Urea 40% (5 ml per vial)
FD068 Sulpha Supplement
FD101 Novobiocin Selective Supplement
FD233 Vancomycin Supplement
M008A MacConkey Agar
w/o CV,
w/ 0.5% Bile Salts
M016 Brilliant Green Agar Base, Modified
(Complies as per ISO 17025:2005)
M016A Brilliant Green Agar Base
w/ 1.2% Agar
(Complies as per ISO 17025:2005)
M022 EMB Agar, Levine
M025 Fluid Selenite Cystine Medium (Selenite Cystine Broth) (Twin Pack)
M026 Fluid Lactose Medium
(Complies as per ISO 17025:2005)
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