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Yeast and Molds
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Product Description Technical Data MSDS Details
FD032 Oxytetra Selective Supplement
FD033 Chloramphenicol Selective Supplement
FD095 10% Lactic acid solution ( 10 ml per vial )
FD131 Genta-Oxy Selective Supplement
M014 Tryptone Glucose Extract Agar (Tryptone Glucose Yeast Extract Agar)
(Complies as per ISO 17025:2005)
M075 Czapek Dox Agar
M092 Dextrose Tryptone Agar
M096 Potato Dextrose Agar
M1000 Dichloran Medium Base
w/ Rose Bengal
M1008 Chloramphenicol Yeast Glucose Agar
(Complies as per ISO 17025:2005)
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