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Milk and dairy products are important components of a healthy diet, but if consumed unpasteurized; they can cause a health hazard due to possible contamination with pathogenic bacteria. The area of dairy microbiology is large and diverse. The bacteria present in dairy products may cause disease or spoilage. These bacteria can originate even from clinically healthy animals from which milk is derived or from environmental contamination occurring during collection and storage of milk. Microbial study of milk and dairy products is related to the microbial concerns such as Microbial Standards for Milk, Microorganisms of Concern in Milk, Disease Outbreaks Associated with Milk Products, Mastitis, Somatic Cell Count and Antibiotics in Milk and Antibacterial Properties of Milk. HiMedia Cater all these concerns by offering a complete range of Culture Media, used in Dairy Industries for the pathogenic microbial detection purpose.
Culture Media for Bacteria
Culture Media for Fungi
Pathogen Detection
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