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Cosmetics Industry
Cosmetics Industry
Cosmetics are subject to contamination during manufacturing and subsequent use by consumers. Preservatives are used to make them self-sterilizing for vegetative bacteria, yeasts and moulds, and bacteriostatic or bactericidal for spores. Products that do not contain preservatives will sooner or later begin to grow microbes just as food products will and could become unsafe for the consumer. Ideally, cosmetics should be self-sterilizing against all microbes encountered during production, packaging, and usage. When complete sterility is not feasible, the cosmetics must be free of viable human pathogens and inhibitory against residual non pathogens. In order to serve sterile cosmetic products, HiMedia offers a wide range of media for sterility testing, for total microbial count and for microbial detection purpose.
Microbial Detection Media
Sterility Testing
Total Microbial Count Media
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