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MRSA detection
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Product Description Technical Data MSDS Details
EM063 Oxacillin - Vancomycin
Oxacillin : (0.064 - 8 mcg/ml) Vancomycin : (0.19 -16 mcg/ml)
Symbol: OXA / VAN
EM077 Vancomycin - Cefoxitin
Cefoxitin: (0.5 - 64 mcg/ml) Vancomycin : (0.19 -16 mcg/ml)
Symbol: VAN / CX
FD229 MeReSa Selective Supplement
FD259 Cefoxitin Supplement
K053 aureus Alert™ Kit
K053A aureus Alert™ Screening Kit - Part A
K053AS Aureus Alert™ Part A (w/ swabs)
K053B Aureus Alert ™ Confirmation Kit - PartB
K058 MRSA Alert™ Kit (w/o swabs)
K058S MRSA Alert™ Kit (w/swabs)
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