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Reagent discs & Strips
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Product Description Technical Data MSDS Details
DD008 ONPG (50 discs / vl)
DD018 Oxidase Discs (50 discs / vl)
DD019 Kovac’s Reagent Strips (25 Strips / vl)
DD024 Bile Esculin (50 discs / vl)
DD032 Spore Strips (25 strips/pack)
DD034 Lead Acetate Paper Strips (25 strips / vl)
DD035 Hippurate (25 Discs / vl)
DD036 Sterile Discs, 10mm
DD039 Spore Strips (B. pumilus) (25 strips / pack)
DD040 DMACA Indole Discs (50 discs / vl)
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