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Product Description Technical Data MSDS Details
FD003 Polymyxin B Selective Supplement
FD048 Urea 40% (5 ml per vial)
FD050 Esculin (0.5 gms per vial)
FD091 Bromo Thymol Blue Supplement (20 mg per vial)
FD272 HiCrome™ Fluorogenic Agar supplement
FD281 Modified CFC Selective Supplement
FL004 HiTouch™ High Sensitivity Coliform Count Flexi Plate
FL031 HiTouch™ HexaCrome Flexi Plate
FL033 HiTouch™ Flexi Plate - M-TA
HB001 HiCombi™ Nutrient - MacConkey Agar Plate
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