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Stains, Indicators & Reagents
Stains, Indicators & Reagents
Stains play an important role in microbiology, the basic advantage being the visibility of microbes and aiding in its differentiation. Apart from this, stains will help to identify and classify the microbes based on their individual reactions to certain stains. Reagents, Indicators and Standard solutions are employed for qualitative and quantitative tests in routine laboratory work. HiMedia offers a range of Stains, Indicators & Reagents, available in ready to use form, which helps to ease the work of a technician in laboratory.
Acid Fast Stains
Blood Stains
Capsule Stains
Fungal Stains
Gram Stains
Metachromatic Stains
Mycobacteria Stains
Other Stains
Simple Stains
Spore Stains
Std. solutions
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