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Specific Culture Media
Specific Culture Media
Bacteria have an important role to play in the elemental recycling in agriculture. HiMedia offers a wide range of Culture Media, for bacteria with specific functions such as Ammonification (eg: Peptone Inorganic Salt medium), Nitrification (eg: Inroganic Salt medium), Denitrification (eg: Aspragine Nitrate Medium), Phosphate Solubilization (Pikovskaya’s agar), Sulphur Reduction (eg: Sulphate reducing medium), Iron oxidization (eg: Iron Oxidizing medium) etc.
Ammonifying Bacteria
Denitrifying Bacteria
Iron Bacteria
Manganese Bacteria
Nitrifying Bacteria
Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria
Studying Root Nodulation
Sulphate Reducing Bacteria
Sulphur Bacteria
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