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Animal Cell Culture
Plant Tissue Culture
Molecular Biology
Density Gradient Separation Media
Laboratory Aids & Equipments
Blood Culturing System  
  •  Safe, efficient & easy
  • Download
    Simple & accurate bacterial identification kit.
  •  A standardized, miniaturized; version of Conventional Tube
  • Biochemical methods.
  •  Available with reagents required for each kit.
  • Download
    HiDip Slides
    Three-in-one tool for detection, identification and colony count of pathogens.
  • Dip Test      :  Dip > Incubate > Read
  • Flush Test   :  Flush > Incubate > Read
  • Touch Test : Touch > Incubate >  Read
  • Download
    DriFilter™ Membrane Pad
    For Water, Brewery, Dairy, Food, Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetic product testing.
  • Sterile ready prepared medium absorbed and dried on 50 mm filter pads.
  • Reduces time and labour of media preparation.
  • Wide range of media nutrient pads to cover water and fluids testing.
  • Easy to handle use.
  • Download
    Detecting Bovine Mastitis Contamination in the milk chain.
  • Ready to use kit.
  • Intended to ascertain antibiotic sensitivity & resistance in cases of Bacterial Mastitis in dairy animals.
  • Download
    Ezy MIC Strips
    For Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing
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