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Dyes, Indicators and Stains

Tradition and experience have made HiMedia one of the world's leading suppliers of microscopy products. Our expertise covers research and development, manufacturing and the supply of biological stains as per the needs of our valued customers. Dyes, stains, and indicators are all integral tools in the laboratory used for numerous applications. Dyes are used in microscopy whenever cell and tissue components in human, animal, and plant material have to be visualized. Ready-to-use staining solutions are used in various microbiological assays as well as in histological applications. Pappenheim, Giemsa, Wright, or Leishmann solutions are among the standard solutions in hematological diagnosis. Apart from the commonly used staining solutions, we also offer fast staining kits. Indicators are used for measuring the end point of titration or setting pH of solutions.
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Alcian blue, Plant Culture Tested


Bromocresol purple, Plant Culture Tested


Bromothymol blue, Plant Culture Tested


Methylene blue trihydrate, Plant Culture Tested

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