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Orchid Maintenance / Replate Medium
w/ CaCl2, Vitamins, Sucrose, HiVeg™ Peptone & MES
w/o Activated charcoal & Agar

Packings :
PT154-1L | PT154-5L
PT154-25L |
Orchid Maintenance / Replate medium has been specially formulated for the in vitro culture of orchids. Ammonium nitrate and potassium nitrate serves as the sources of nitrate. Medium contains HiVeg™ peptone which serves as a source of organic nitrogen. MES prevents acidification by buffering the medium. Sucrose serves as the source of carbohydrate. Medium does not contain gelling agents; hence these components have to be added to the medium for providing a firm support for inoculating explants.
Storage2- 8°C
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