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HiPurA™ Yeast Plasmid DNA Purification Kit

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• Plasmids are not limited to bacteria. For example, some plasmids have been extensively studied in yeast and developed into yeast cloning vectors. These plasmids have alsobeen used as “simple systems” to understand the mechanism and control of DNA replication in eukaryotic cells. • There are several different methods to isolate plasmids from yeast. Generally, they all involve a step to remove the yeast cell wall, followed by lysis of the cells and isolation of plasmid DNA. • The HiPurATM Yeast Plasmid DNA Purification Kit is a straight forward solution for extraction of plasmids from yeast. High efficiency enzymatic removal (using lyticase/zymolase) of the cell wall is followed by cell lysis and plasmid is purified over a spin column. The plasmid yields depend on copy number, yeast strain and growth conditions. • The purified yeast plasmid DNA can be used in all molecular biology procedures such as digestion with restriction enzymes, cloning, PCR, transformation into E. coli, transfection, in vitro translation, blotting and sequencing.
Used For
• High quality automated sequencing • Restriction digestion • Ligation and Transformation • High throughput automated sequencing • PCR
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