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HiPurA™ Yeast Genomic DNA Purification kit

Packings :
MB552-20PR | MB552-50PR
MB552-250PR |
• Yeast has the polysaccharide cell wall that must be removed for the DNA to be extracted. Therefore, they are converted into the forms called ‘Spheroplast’. These are the forms of cell with out the cell wall yet intact without loosing cytoplasmic integrity. • The sorbitol buffer coupled with enzymatic digestion of zymolase or lyticase leads to spheroplasts formation. • Once the spheroplasting is done then the normal DNA extraction processes is carried out like complete lysis, binding to the column followed by washing and elution. • Log phase culture of the yeast is recommended for the protocol; spheroplasting in log phase is easier than in stationary culture.
Used For
• Restriction enzyme digestion • PCR amplification • Southern blot
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