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HiPurA™ Fungal DNA Purification Kit

Packings :
MB543-20PR | MB543-50PR
MB543-250PR |
• Fungus are encapsulated, slimy with tough cell wall making them difficult to lyse. Therefore they have to be lysed using mechanical force to rupture the tissue. • Enzymatic lysis in chaotropic salt solution is used to extract DNA from fungal cells. • HiPurATM SP Fungal DNA Purification kit simplifies the isolation of DNA from fresh fungal material with spin column procedure. • The sample is ground in liquid nitrogen along with Lysis Buffer. Protein precipitation is followed by removal of other contaminants using HiShredder. The flow through fraction is then mixed with a solution that enhances the binding of DNA to the column. • This solution is then passed through Silica column that is followed by washing steps to remove trace contaminants. High quality DNA is eluted in the elution Buffer.
Used For
The DNA obtained using HiPurA™ Fungal DNA Purification Kit is compatible with the following down stream applications • PCR • Restriction digestion • Southern blot • Various labeling reactions • Sequencing
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