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HiPurA™ Mycobacterium tuberculosis DNA Purification Kit

Packings :
MB545-20PR | MB545-50PR
MB545-250PR |
• Infection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis is most hazardous and fatal. Multiplication time of the organism is very slow resulting in late diagnosis. This demands the need of the diagnostic tool which is able to detect very low manifestation of the infection. • PCR based assay provides the solution for diagnosis, however DNA is difficult to obtain from the M.tuberculosis. • M.tuberculosis has a coating on outer cell wall of mycolic acid compounds which makes it hard and resistant to many antibiotics and is a key factor for virulence. • HiPurA™ Mycobacterium tuberculosis DNA Purification Kit isolates the DNA from M.tuberculosis with the use of heat lysis and bead beating to break open the cell wall and release DNA. • Mycolic acid content are digested by lysozyme treatment and Proteinase K chews up the other protein content.
Used For
• PCR • Restriction digestion • Southern blot
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