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HiPurA™ Quick Gel Purification Kit

Packings :
MB539-20PR | MB539-50PR
MB539-250PR |
• The HiPurA™ Quick Gel Purification Kit simplifies isolation of DNA from agarose gel using silica binding principle. • All standard & low melting agarose gels are dissolved at 57°C in a gel binding buffer, that helps DNA to bind to silica membrane. The adsorbed DNA is washed to remove salt and impurities from the original sample, and the clean DNA is eluted in Elution Buffer. • pH indicator is included in the Gel binding buffer to detect the pH shift, since pH of the solution determines the nucleic acid binding efficiency of the silica membrane. • PCR inhibitors such as divalent cations and proteins are completely removed in wash step, leaving pure nucleic acid to be eluted in the elution buffer provided with the kit. The purified DNA can be used for further downstream applica tions. • The kit simplifies isolation of DNA (250 bp-10Kb) from all grades of agarose gel giving upto 90% recovery of ready to use DNA.
Used For
DNA fragments purified are ready to use for direct use in downstream applications, including: • Sequencing • Ligation and Transformation • Restriction digestion • Labelling • Microinjection • PCR and in vitro transcription
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