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Ion Exchange Chromatography Teaching Kit

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Chromatography is the process through which biomolecules are separated and analyzed from a complex mixture. This separation process consists of two phases: a stationary phase and a mobile phase. The mobile phase consists of the mixture to be separated which percolates through the stationary phase.
Ion exchangechromatography works on the basic principle that oppositely charged particles are attracted to each other. The stationary phase consists of fixed charges on a solid support. These charges can be either negative or positive. When protein mixtures are applied to the oppositely charged, chromatographic matrix, the various proteins are bound by reversible, electrostatic interactions. The adsorbed proteins are eluted in order of least to most strongly bound molecules by increasing the ionic strength or varying the pH of the elution buffer.
Used For
Ion Exchange Chromatography Teaching Kit enables the purification of a protein on the basis of its interaction to a charged resin under low ionic conditions and followed by its elution by increasing the ionic strength to break up the ionic interaction.
Contents: CM-Cellulose, Phosphate Buffer, Micrococcus luteus, NaCl Solution, Standard Lysozyme, Column, Tubes
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