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Yeast Cell Immobilization Teaching Kit

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Immobilization is a technique for the combination of a biocatalyst in an insoluble support matrix. The matrix is usually a high molecular weight polymer such as polyacrylamide, starch, cellulose, etc. The advantage of immobilizing enzymes or cells over free cells is to increase their stability and efficiency. The immobilized enzymes or cells can also be recovered at the end of the reaction and can be used repeatedly.
Used For
Yeast Cell Immobilization Teaching Kit enables the entrapment of yeast cells in Calcium alginate gels and to determine the activity of immobilized cells.
Contents: Yeast Cells, Sodium alginate, 1.5% Calcium chloride Solution, YPD, Agar, Glucose Solution, Diluent Buffer, Sucrose, DNSA Reagent, Potassium sodium tartrate, Centrifuge Tubes
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