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Protein Estimation Teaching Kit (Quantitative)

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Protein Estimation Teaching Kit is designed for rapid and accurate determination of proteins by three most commonly used techniques, each having features that suit it to a particular use. It enables the determination of the concentration of proteins which is frequently required in biochemical work. There is no completely satisfactory single method to determine the concentration of protein in any given sample. Most protein assays take advantage of a reaction between a reagent dye and the protein of interest that will shift or increase the absorbance of a particular wavelength. The choice of the method depends on the nature of the protein, the nature of the other components in the protein sample, desired speed, accuracy and sensitivity of the assay.
Used For
Protein Estimation Teaching Kit (Quantitative) enables the determination of the concentration of unknown proteins based on various quantitative tests.
Contents: Standard Protein Samples, Test Samples, Biuret Reagent, Folin’s Reagent, Bradford’s Reagent
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