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Carbohydrates Estimation Teaching Kit (Quantitative)

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Carbohydrates are organic molecules which contain carbon, hydrogen and oxygen and are the most abundant class of organic compounds found in living organisms. It is the main energy source for animals as they breakdown carbohydrates during the process of metabolism to release energy. Carbohydrates also serve as a structural material (cellulose), a component of the energy transport compound ATP, recognition sites on cell surfaces, and one of three essential components of DNA and RNA. All carbohydrates are made up of units of sugar or saccharide units. They are classified according to their molecular size and solubility.
In order to measure the concentration of carbohydrates present in a solution, either DNSA or Phenol Sulphuric Acid method can be followed.
Used For
Carbohydrates Estimation Teaching Kit (Quantitative) enables the determination of the concentration of unknown sugars based on various quantitative tests.
Contents: Glucose Standard Reagent, DNSA Reagent, Potassium sodium tartrate, Test Samples
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