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Nutrient Mixture F-10 Ham
w/ Sodium bicarbonate
w/o L-Glutamine
1X Liquid Cell Culture Medium

Packings :
AL024-18X500ML | AL024-5X100ML |
AL024-2X500ML | AL024-6X500ML
AL024-500ML |
Ham’s Nutrient mixtures were originally developed for single cell plating of near diploid Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells and mouse L-cells. Both F-10 and F-12 are formulated for use with or without serum, depending on the type of cells being cultured. Ham’s nutrient mixture F10 was designed for clonal growth of CHO cells and chick embryo cells under serum free conditions. It is now widely used for culturing a variety of cells which include human diploid cells and white blood cells for chromosomal analysis and primary explants of rat, rabbit and chicken tissues.
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