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NCTC 109 Medium
w/ L-Glutamine
w/o Sodium bicarbonate

Packings :
AT138-10X1L | AT138-20L |
AT138-1L | AT138-5L
NCTC 109 is one of the chemically defined medium in the series of NCTC media developed by Virginia Evans of the Tissue Culture Section of National Cancer Institute, Bethesda. NCTC 109 was the result of many years of development and modifications. The medium was originally formulated to establish and maintain a strain of mouse cells, L929. The medium has been shown to support growth of fibroblast-like and epithelial- like cells of both normal and malignant origin from mice, hamsters, monkeys and humans. NCTC 135 is similar to NCTC 109 except that L-cysteine has been replaced with L-cystine due to possible side effects of L-cysteine on certain cell lines.
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